Thursday, January 7, 2016

17 Days of Success - December Attendance Contest Winners

Ms. Schwartz and class 301 wearing holiday hats preparing for their pizza party.

Congratulations to the winning classes from the 17 Days of Success Contest! These classes had the highest attendance during the month of December have won a PIZZA PARTY! The winning classes were:

Class 202 - Ms. Smith & Ms. Delpesh - 96% average

Class 222 - Mr. Diaz - 96% average

Class 301 - Ms. Schwartz - 98% average

Class 501 - Ms. Wilson - 98% average

Class 501

Class 222

On behalf of Mr. Stevens, Ms. Jones, Ms. Martin and Mr. Batiz….Congratulations!  Classes that have the best attendance in January will be invited to a see a movie!

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