Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Guitar Program Is Back!

Thanks to an organization called Midori & Friends and a lot of support from the Sports & Arts After-School Program, 24 students will get free lessons from professional guitarist, Nick Russo.

This is Mr. Russo's second year working with PS4 students and we are happy to have him back! During a recent workshop with parents and new guitarists, 4th grader Christian S. shared his love of jazz and gospel music. "That's awesome", said Mr. Russo, "we'll definitely play some of those styles during our classes".

Did you know that the guitar was created in northern Africa? Did you also know that playing "air guitar" helps you develop your skills? Along with a few fun facts like these and some important vocabulary, every Tuesday and Thursday students will be given a 2-hour guitar lesson by Mr. Russo. If you would like more information about the Guitar Program or instructor Nick Russo, please write a comment below.


kenneth_p5 said...

I am in the guitar program, it is very interesting.The best thing i like about the guitar program is that in January you can take the guitars home. The other thing i like about the guitar program is that the teachers show you how to play the guitar.

Edison said...

hi I'm one of the students in guitar program. I think it's interesting and fun. This is my second instrument playing.

Anonymous said...

I like the guitar program. Even though im not in the guitar program I like hearing them play thier music when thwy perform. I love hearing my cousin Crystaliz play her quitar and her eletric guitar.

Brianna said...

I think it is great to have the guitar program back because now kids can express there guitar skills.