Monday, March 27, 2017

Rock the Test Pep Rally!

The New York State ELA Tests will take place on March 28, 29 and 30th. Our Rock the Test Pep Rally was a success! The scholars enjoyed all the fun planned activities by Mr. Ovalle and Mr. Keys. The pep rally included some memorable moments such as:
  • the PRIDE song sang by the 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders, led by the talented Janelys R.
  • the awesome dance moves from the America Scores Soccer team [choreographed by Mr. Keys and Mr. Ovalle] 
  • a beautiful poem written and performed by Henesy J., about being strong 
  • the amazing AAU basketball team [PS4 Duke Ellington's finest athletes]! 
  • and let's not forget our crowd "risers" - Maurice H., Nasir H., and Lismaldy J. They kept us dancing the whole time!
Special thanks to all of our teachers, for all the hard work they have put in for our scholars to feel successful on their test! Students were in such good spirits and are ready to rock the test! For more information about our state tests, click here and check out the video below for some highlights from our Test Pep Rally!

Rock the Test from PS4M on Vimeo.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cultural Diversity & Respect For All Celebration

Caren Calder and Indigo Arts share traditional dance, song and stories with PS4 students.
On March 24, students enjoyed a celebration of cultural diversity, they promoted respect for diversity, and combated harassment, discrimination and bullying by learning about the many cultures that make our school, city and nation great. 

Ms. Calder (center), members of Indigo Arts (left) with Ms. Lennon and Mr. Cantu (right).

LOTUS Music and Dance, our partners in education, brought Ms. Caren Calder and Indigo Arts to our auditorium where students enjoyed this exciting multicultural celebration involving dancing, singing, storytelling, and a lesson in history.  What a great way to celebrate cultural diversity and show respect for all.  Take a look at the video below to see highlights from the assembly!

African Dance with Caren Calder and Indigo Arts from PS4M on Vimeo.

Multicultural Fair - 2017 (VIDEO)

Our Multicultural Fair was a success!  Students in all grades worked with their classmates and teachers to create presentations and poster boards representing a specific culture or country that students spent time learning about. Our Multicultural Fair took place in the gymnasium. All classes visited the fair during the day and parents were invited to see all the presentations after school.  Take a look at the slideshow below for some highlights from the fair!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Ellington P.R.I.D.E (VIDEO)

With support from Dr. Montanez and the Turn2 Us Staff at Columbia Presbyterian, the students, teachers and staff at PS4 used their Ellington P.R.I.D.E. (positivity, respect, integrity, determination and excellence) to create this video that showcases our positive school culture. (Credits: Music from Justin Timberlake's "Dance", production by Jose Cantu and editing by Jesse Means.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

P.R.I.D.E. Day Celebration (VIDEOS)

Ms. Mercedes Ellington (center - rear) poses with her fellow musicians, Principal Stevens, staff and students from PS4.

The Duke Ellington P.R.I.D.E. Day Celebration event was a success with support from Dr. Montanez and the Turn2 Us Staff at Columbia Presbyterian, featuring performances from The Ellington Poets Society, The Jazz and Democracy Project, The Duke Ellington Center for the Arts and with special guest speaker Ms. Mercedes Ellington; Granddaughter of Duke Ellington!
Ms. Mercedes Ellington, granddaughter of Duke Ellington, poses with host and Technology Teacher, Ms. Lennon.

During this special assembly, we celebrated the tenets of The Duke Ellington School; Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence and honor the American icon that our school is named after; Duke Ellington.  Click here to to read an article about Duke Ellington's granddaughter!  Then take a look at the videos below to see Ms. Ellington show her skills in ballroom dancing and watch an excerpt from a poem by The Ellington Poets Society. 

Ms. Mercedes Ellington Ballroom Dancing from PS4M on Vimeo.

Ellington P.R.I.D.E. Poem (Excerpt) by The Ellington Poets Society from PS4M on Vimeo.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Parent-Teacher Conferences: March 2017

Families gather in the cafeteria during Parent-Teacher Conferences (afternoon session) to fill out parent surveys.

Parent-Teacher Conferences take place in November and March of each year.   An ideal parent-teacher conference is a conversation between you and your child’s teacher about your child’s progress at school. This may include a child’s transition to a school, how the child gets along with friends and teachers, how the child is learning and what your child is learning, information about things they do well and how parents can help your child grow further, ways to support the child in the areas where he/she needs some help and where parents can find more information to help support their child. 
During PTC's, parents may receive ideas for concrete activities they can do at home or may receive helpful websites, books or pamphlets found at the library or parent workshops being offered in the Washington Heights community.

Prior to meeting with their child's teacher, our staff and partners-in-education were in the cafeteria and gymnasium where they...
  • provided visitors with refreshments in our 'welcome center'
  • gave information about school trips
  • registered families for Smile NY Dental
  • provided information about immigration counseling
  • provided technical assistance with the Parent Surveys and PupilPath
  • provided families with a 3-day supply of food from our pantry
  • registered additional scholars for our after school program(s); and 
  • reminded families of upcoming state exams
Thank you to all families who joined us for either our afternoon or evening conference session.  If you missed any of the information provided to visitors at the conference, click here, contact your child's teacher or call the main office.  Take a look at the video below to see some highlights of this past parent-teacher conference.


Thursday, March 9, 2017

School Surveys - 2017

Every year, all parents, teachers, and students in grades 6-12 take the NYC School Survey. The survey helps school leaders understand what key members of the school community say about the learning environment at each school. The 2016-2017 version of the NYC School Survey is aligned to the DOE's Framework for Great Schools and collects important information about a school’s ability to improve student achievement and can support a dialogue among all members of the school community about how to make the school a better place to learn.

After completing your survey, please return it to our Parent Coordinator (Ms. Nunez) in the main office to receive a raffle ticket for a chance to win movie tickets.  Congratulations to winners of last week's prizes who received gift certificates to the book fair or tickets to Medieval Times! For more information about the parents survey, click here or contact the main office.

Andrew and Matthew D. were winners of a gift certificate to the book fair.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Kindergarten students celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday at an assembly hosted by Ms. Martin.

Kindergarten students celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday with an assembly hosted by Ms. Martin!  Most students wore red and white hats inspired by the famous author and illustrator of more than 44 books!  Among the books he is best known for are "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", "Green Eggs and Ham" and "The Cat in the Hat".  During our celebration, Ms. Martin read "The Cat in the Hat" and asked questions to see what students were thinking.  "What would you do", she asked, "if the Cat in the Hat knocked on your door...would you let him in?".

Following the assembly, classes took photos and were given stickers to commemorate the celebration.  March 2nd is also Read Across America Day, sponsored by the National Education Association.  This an annual reading motivation and awareness program that calls for every child in every community to celebrate reading on March 2, the birthday of beloved children's author Dr. Seuss.  For more information on Read Across America Day, click here!  To see photos of the event, click the slideshow below!

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