Friday, May 15, 2015

5th Graders Win Art Competition

Winning artwork from 5th graders Chrismailyn D. (left) and Stacey E.
Artists from the 5th Grade Art Club have been awrarded!  Artwork entitled "The Protestors" from 5th grader Chrismailyn D. (class 521) has been accepted for display in the 1st annual 2015 Manhattan Borough Arts Festival Visual Art Exhibition! The Visual Art Exhibition will be on view at Cooper-Hewitt's Harlem Design Center, located at 111 Central Park North from June 2nd to June 5th.  Stacey E., from class 501  has been selected as a winning student of the Town Hall & Con Edison Poster & Essay Contest!  Take a look at their artwork below.  Congratulations to both Chrismailyn and Stacey!

Special thanks to Ms. Lennon and Dr. Thomas for entering the artwork into these annual contests.  Parents, teachers and the winners have been invited to the opening reception for the exhibits
"The Protestors" by Chrismailyn D.

"The Urban Bush Women" by Stacey E.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The NED Show Was Here!

NED instructor, Meghan, with a 4th grade student.

The NED Show came to PS4!  The NED Show is an innovative character education assembly.  Using humor, storytelling, audience participation and amazing yo-yo and magic tricks, Megan motivated PS4 students through the adventures of NED, a character kids (and teachers) could relate to.  Each of our students from Pre-K to 5th grade left the auditorium inspired to become champions at school and in life.  They learned three things from NED:  Never give up.  Encourage others.  Do your best.

Thanks to Meghan, our NED instructor and yo-yo expert and Danielle Pennock, Account Executive of The NED Show for bringing this entertaining, behavior support assembly to our stage.  Special thanks to our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Estrella, for making sure that our students learn the best ways to be the best in all that they do.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Kindergarten Student Awarded for Having 100% Attendance

Kindergarten student Reydee with her award for having perfect attendance.

Congratulations to Reydee D., a very dedicated kindergartner from Ms. Cole's class!  She is the only student that has never been absent or late!  When asked why it is important for her to come to school every day, Reydee says, "so I can learn and be smart".  Reydee's favorite color is pink.  Her favorite movie is Frozen and she likes science!

School attendance is not just required by law, it is critical to students’ success in school and life. Special thanks to Reydee's Mom who bring her to school each day!  If you have a question or concern about your child's attendance, please see Ms. Gipson (Student Personnel Accounting) or Denise Nunez (Parent Coordinator) in the main office. Click here for information regarding student attendance from the Department of Education.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Photo of the Week: March 16-20, 2015

The photo of the week was taken by Parent Coordinator, Denise Nunez!  With seventeen parents in attendance, the first of many meetings of Class Parents met to promote parental involvement at PS4!  They discussed ways to support Spanish translating during school events, gave fundraisers ideas, and suggested ways to help organize student activities during and after lunch. To find out more about the Class Parents meeting, click here!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Book Fair - 2015

A 5th grade class visits the book fair.  (Photo taken by Ms. Lennon)

Did you know that reading at home on a daily basis can impact a child's success in school and in life.  A home library is an idea space where children expand their knowledge and vocabulary, and develop stronger thinking skills.  The best way to build a great home-library is to be involved. Learn about your children's interests and preferences.  Help them build a space filled with books they can read alone...and with you.

The theme for this Scholastic Book Fair was Under The Sea!  Although many of the books available were about ocean life, the top sellers were books from animated shows and video games that PS4 students love.  Here are the top 5 books that were sold at the book fair.
  1. Minecraft
  2. Barbie in Princess Power
  3. Owl Diaries: Eva's Treetop Festival
  4. Lego: Ningago
  5. Disney Frozen: The Essential Guide
Special thanks to Book Fair Crew members Cindy M. (502), Justin N. (502) and Nathan M. (501).  If you still need books, click here for our Online Book Fair!   To order books from a Scholastic Reading Club, click here!  See the slideshow below to see how PS4 runs a book fair!
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Friday, March 20, 2015

Class Parents: Meeting #1

PTA President Ms. Lopez and Assistant Principal Ms. Martin meet with parents during the first meeting of the Class Parents.

Recently, a dedicated group of adults attended the first meeting of parents that have volunteered to become Class Parents!  Class Parents will meet with their child's teacher twice monthly and communicate with him or her via e-mail to support programs and activities.  They will support class projects and homework as well as assist with trips, class activities and celebrations.  Their responsibilities include promoting parental involvement, school wide events and these activities:
  • Fundraising
  • Bake Sales
  • Mother's Day and Father's Day store
  • Talent Show/Fashion Show
  • Picture Day 
As an incentive, Class Parents will receive participation awards and participate in monthly raffle drawings.  They will also have their photo featured on our blog!  To find out more about monthly workshops and the Class Parent Program, see Denise Nunez (Parent Coordinator) in the main office or call 212-928-0739.  To read the latest issue of the Public School Press: The Latest News for Parents from the NYC Department of Education, click here!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

It's Baseball Season!

Assistant Coach McArdle (far left) and Coach Nycz (far right) with the PS4 Wolves Baseball team.

Baseball season has begun!  This year, the Duke Ellington Wolves are looking to bounce back from a down year with second year coach Mr. Nycz!  "This year's team has great talent from both fourth and fifth grade".  Coach Nycz also believes his new assistant coach, Coach McArdle, will help the team improve skills and win games.

The PS4 baseball team is one of many supported by the Turn2 Us Organization, funded by Derek Jeter.  Coach Nycz describes the Turn2 Us Baseball League as a league that is full of good teams.  "You can't overlook any team", he said.  "But PS 173, the defending champions, look to pose the biggest threat".  The Wolves start their championship journey with their first game on March 28th.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two 5th Grade Girls Donate to PS4

Veia G. (top) and Stacey E. are creative 5th graders who are helping PS4 raise money.

The PS4 School Store, run by members of the Honor Society and managed by Ms. Lennon (librarian), is not just a rolling cart where students get to purchase school supplies.  The School Store is a fundraising initiative that allows students to understand the concept of money, learn elements of customer service and experience running a small business.  Each year, student leaders are encouraged to support their school by creating a product to sell at the PS4 School Store.

This year, Stacey E. and Veia G. (5th graders from Ms. Wilson's class) are donating their creativity to help PS4 raise money for school assemblies and programs.  They are decorating pens with Duck tape!  Proceeds of the sale of every pen will support PS4.  "I wanted to sell these pens to help my parents with money for my college education.  But, the school needs money", said Stacey who wants to be a doctor and give these pens to hospitalized children.  Veia wants to be a designer of shoes and dresses.  She used Duck Tape to create her own tablet bag!  "YouTube has videos on how to make everything", she exclaims.

Duck Tape Pens are wrapped in decorative duck tape and will be sold for $2 in the cafeteria from 11:30-12:30pm.  For directions on how to make your own Duck Tape Pen, click here!