Wednesday, January 2, 2013

PS4 Improves Recycling Efforts

Student Government members Adrianna H. and Leslie V. recycle.
Members of PS4's Honor Society have joined forces with members of the Student Government to improve recycling efforts in classrooms throughout the school!  With new recycling bins, funded by a grant from, each classroom now has a blue bin for recycling paper and a brown bin for trash.  Tall blue bins for plastic and another for paper have been placed near the elevator on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor.  Offices have also had their bins replaced! 

Honor Society students created presentations for students in first and second grade to teach them how to recycle.  "They are in the process of visiting lower grade classrooms to show students what to do," said Ms. Lennon (adviser of both the Student Government and Honor Society).  "They've been instrumental in making our recycling program a success and have been encouraging students to recycle at home." 
Honor Society Members give a recycling presentation.

Student Government members have the very important job of placing all recyclable materials in the blue bins in the hallway.  Our students are doing their part to save the Earth!

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