Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tar Wars

A group of physicians, residents and medical students made their annual visit to 5th grade students at PS4!  They taught a program called Tar Wars!  This program is designed to teach fourth and fifth-grade students about the dangers of smoking.

Coordinator Eric Blacher in Ms. Anderson's class.

Eric Blacher, coordinator of the outreach program had a great time with Ms. Anderson's students.  "We had a fabulous time with the kids", he said. "We felt everything went quite well and the kids seemed very engaged and involved in participation.  And they were so well-behaved!"  The students learned what's in a cigarette, why cigarettes are hazardous, the dangers of second-hand smoke and how to avoid it, bringing to awareness how media/Hollywood advertise to target young people, how peer pressure effects them and how to say no, how much cigarettes cost and how much money the would save by not choosing to smoke. 

The "straw exercise" gave students an opportunity to experience exactly what it feels like not be able to breathe when the lungs have been damaged from many years of smoking.  "We also learned from the kids, as well", says Mr. Blacher.  " They gave us an idea of what kids their age care about,  what language they use to describe it, what excites them, and the role cigarettes/smoking plays in the community".  

For more information about Tar Wars, click here!

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