Thursday, November 8, 2012

PS4 Students Re-elect President Obama

4th grades student leaders representing Team Obama.
4th grade student leaders representing Team Romney.
(Photos taken by student photographer Joel H. - class 520)
At our first-ever mock presidential debate, students represented Team Romney and Team Obama as they answered a series of questions discussing their platform on education, healthcare, women's rights and immigration.  The first question that each team was asked to answer was, "how will you improve K-12 education?".  Fifth grade teacher Ms. Torres-Reccio said, "my students were very excited and already knew who they were going to vote for".  At the end of the debates, Principal Ms. White and Assistant Principals Ms. Martin and Mr. Batiz presented students were given medals and certificates.

Students in from 2nd grade to 5th grade not only got a chance to witness the mock debate, but were able to cast their ballot online!  By an overwhelming majority, students voted for President Barack Obama!  Click here to go to the voting website.

See below for a few photos from the event!

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