Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Biobus Comes Back to PS4

Fourth graders, teachers and a few lucky parents were very excited to board the Biobus last Friday!  "We're happy to be back", said Dr. Ben, Founder of the Biobus.  "We couldn't wait to see PS4 again", he said via our Facebook page.  This is the second year that the 1974 San Francisco Transit Bus has parked outside PS4!  Thanks to Dr. Ben and his team of scientists, students got on board this high-tech laboratory on wheels!  Each student got a chance to use microscopes, learn about what scientists do and see Daphnia!  Click here for more information on this tiny, shrimp like animal!

"This was an excellent way for students to see the food chain at work and to understand how things in the environment can effect us in the long term", said Ms. Thomas who accompanied class 401.  "Most of the world eats fish and Daphnia is the feeder for fish!  Students really had to think about what would happen if there was a decrease of Daphnia", she said.  Dr. Latasha, Biobus scientist, was very proud of our students.  "They really understood the fact that what effects the bottom of the food chain will effect the top of the food chain", she said.  "They also asked a lot of good questions".

Dr. Latasha and class 420.
Biobus Scientist Matt, teaching class 401 about Daphnia.

Once again, special thanks to Dr. Ben and his team (Dr. Latasha and Matt) for bringing this great experience to our school.  We can't wait to see you again next year!  For more information about the Biobus, click here!  Click here, to see photos of last year's visit from the Biobus!

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Ben Dubin-Thaler said...

We had a great time at Duke Ellington school! And we're going to share your awesome blog post on our fundraising page for your school!