Saturday, October 15, 2011

The BioBus Visits PS4

Did you notice the 1974 San Francisco Transit Bus parked outside PS4 recently?  Well, that was thanks to Dr. Ben and his team of scientists who brought the BioBus to PS4!  Students from fourth grade and a few parents got on board this high-tech laboratory on wheels!  Each student got a chance to use microscopes, learn about what scientists do and see Daphnia!  Daphnia is a tiny, shrimp-like animal that can be found in rivers around our community.

"The BioBus is a great opportunity for students to get experience magnifying objects under a microscope", says Ms. Baez, our Science Lab teacher.  "Students need more experience using scientific tools and the BioBus allows them to do that!".

Thank you, Dr. Ben, for visiting PS4!  Our students had fun and learned a lot in the process.  For more information about the BioBus, click here and for a game using an online microscope, click here!

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