Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Thunderbird Dancers Visit PS4!

On March 3rd, the Robert Frost Academy (classes on the 3rd floor) attended a special performance by the Thunderbird American Indian Dancers! Thanks to a grant given to PS4 by the Lotus Music & Dance Organization, The Thunderbird American Indian Dancers shared parts of the Native American culture by giving a great performance on our stage. For over twenty-five years, Thunderbird Dancers have performed dances with the varied traditions of the American Indian peoples. Specializing in the songs and dances of the tribes of the Northwest Coast, Woodlands (Iroquois and Winnebago), Plains (Sioux) and the Southwest (Hopi and Santo Domingo), each show includes the traditional “Fancy Dance” and “Hoop Dance,” as well as a variety of other distinct regional tribal dances. On May 22, 2011, The Thunderbird Dancers will be featured at the 9th Annual Drums Along the Hudson Native American Festival. For more information about this free event, click here.

Class 323 especially loved the performance. Their teacher, Ms. Nieves, has a special connection to the Native American culture. "I lived near an Indian Reservation and remember seeing the Hoop Dance", she says. After the performance, her class was asked to pose for a picture with the dancers. Four students got a chance to perform the "Feather Dance" with the dancers and received a prize for their dancing skills.

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brianna thomas said...

I think that was a great lesson and to watch a person do their own cultured dance.