Sunday, March 6, 2011

Senior Spirit Week

Recently, the seniors of The Duke Ellington School celebrated Spirit Week! The Spirit Committee of PS4's National Elementary Honor Society came up with ways for students to school spirit by participating in activities or dressing in certain ways that show how much they love PS4. Here's how the week went:

Monday-Hat Day
Tuesday-Compliment Day
Wed-Duke Pride Day (wear your uniform)
Thursday-Twin Day
Friday-All Black Day (dress in all black)

Twin Day was especially exciting! Even teachers got in the spirit! "I can't wait for our next Twin Day", said Ms. McLeod,"It was fun!". For more information on this and all events sponsored by the Honor Society, speak to Yeni P., 5th grade president of the organization.


Anonymous said...

Ms.Mcleod make a great twin with Ms.Lennon and so do Katelyn and Linett.

Anonymous said...

ms.lennon and ms. mcleod are identical wow amazing twins.

Gabriel said...

It was a cool day that day. Also,the one that I t like is Ms.Lennon and Ms.Mcleod they resemble alot.