Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ellington Poets Perform At The Langston Hughes Festival (VIDEO)

The Ellington Poets with Principal Stevens and Mr. Cantu
To celebrate and honor the legendary American writer and poet, Langston Hughes, school children from grades K Through 6 attend and view poetry, music, and theatrical plays at the annual City College Langston Hughes Festival at Aaron Davis Hall in Harlem!  In what has become a school tradition, this is the fifth year in a row that the Ellington Poets Society has performed at this festival!

The Ellington Poets curriculum includes studying famous American Poets like Langston Hughes. This year, the poets performed original spoken word in response to reading and discussing various of Langston's finest poetic verse. The poem they wrote and performed was titled "Langston PRIDE" as an ode to practicing positivity, respect, integrity, determination and excellence as part of the PBIS/Character Education System we practice at the Duke Ellington School. "Of course they were inspired by Langston Hughes", says Ellington Poet Director and Arts Coordinator for PS4M, Mr. Cantu.  "Not only his poetic wonder... but also for the character with which he lived his life".

To read some poems by Langston Hughes, click here!  For more information about the Langston Hughes Festival, click here.  Take a look at the video below to see the Ellington Poets perform!

The Ellington Poets Perform At The Langston Hughes Festival - 2017 from PS4M on Vimeo.

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