Sunday, November 6, 2016


Parent Coordinator Denise Nunez, helps parents register for SchoolCNXT.

SchoolCNXT is a flexible, mobile/web-based parent engagement platform that connects parents, teachers, students, and administrators, providing an efficient and effective way to share news and important information; send reminders; and create an engaged, empowered, connected community.

Since the beginning of our school year, PS4 has been utilizing School CNXT to connect with parents.  In September, Parent Coordinator Denise Nunez conducted a informational session for parents in the school's computer lab.  During the session, parents were given assistance with the registration process.  "This is really a great resource for our parents", says Ms. Nunez.  "Because many of them work full-time and have busy schedules, they would prefer to send emails to communicate with the school".

For more information about this platform, please contact the main office or click here!

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