Monday, October 20, 2014

5th Graders Attend Latin Jazz Workshop

Students from Class 502 play the Conga Drums after learning about the history of Latin Jazz.
Chris Washburne and percussionist Oreste Abrantes played music and discussed Latin Jazz at a recent workshop that was given to 5th grade students.  This was one of the many ways that PS4 celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month.  But, what students really enjoyed was playing the instruments that the Professor of Music and Director of a jazz program at Columbia University brought to our school.

During this workshop, students learned about the history of Latin Jazz.  They were told about the origin of instruments like the clave, conga drum and cow bell.  These instruments were brought to Caribbean islands by African slaves.  Students were able to take notes and ask questions.  "Music is a very important subject to learn in school", said Mr. Washburne as he answered one of many great questions that PS4 students asked.  "It teaches you how to work together and how to improvise".

Special thanks to Jonathon Greenburg at Community Works for supporting music education in our school.  All 5th graders have been invited to attend a performance funded by this great organization on October 29th at Hostos Community College.  Chris Washburne and his band will be performing!  Take a look at the slide show below for some highlights from the workshop in the PS4 auditorium and click here to read more about Mr. Washburne!

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