Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Meet the Teacher - Ms. Delpesh

Ms. Delpesh, in her new classroom.

Ms. Delpesh is PS4's newest teacher!  After seven years working as paraprofessional, Ms. Delpesh is now teaching with Ms. Reyes in a first grade class.

She grew up in Brooklyn and her family is from Trinidad.  She attended Medgar Evers University and Touro College.  "The biggest difference I find between being a paraprofessional and a classroom teacher is the more planning that I have to do now", she says.  Ms. Delpesh is excited to work on her goals for her class this year.  "I want to build their awareness and literacy capability."

While Ms. Delpesh has no children at home, she does love each of her students.  "I have 25 children in the classroom", she says.  Welcome to PS4, Ms. Delpesh!  We look forward to seeing your and your students reach your goals!

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