Friday, February 14, 2014

The Biobus Braves the Storm

Dr. Ben discusses how solar panels, located on top of the Biobus, give power to the microscopes on board.
The Biobus is serious about developing a love of science to students all over the country!  Recently, during a winter storm, Dr. Ben and Scientist Matt found a parking space for the Biobus and made sure 4th grade students were given a chance to learn about this microorganism that lives in freshwater environments all over the world.  Students, for the fourth year in a row, boarded the bus and used microscopes to see this tiny animal named "Daphnia".

"I had one student", says 4th grade bilingual teacher Ms. Cruz, "that said she hated science".  "But, now that she sees how fun science is, she now wants to become a scientist".  Statements like these are common for Dr. Ben and his staff who, because of donations from groups that support his goal, visited PS4 free of charge!

Thank you, Dr. Ben, for the work that you do.  For making science fun and for braving a winter storm to bring science to our school...thank you.  For more information about the Biobus, click here!

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