Wednesday, January 30, 2013

It's Championship Time!

On Friday, February 1st, the PS4 Lady Wolves will be playing their uptown rivals at PS48 for the Turn 2 Us Championship! They are hoping to defend the title that they won last year. "We are definitely ready. We have been working very hard in practice and the girls are very excited", says Coach Keys. "After losing our only game in the last two years to the same team that we are playing, I think our girls are ready to win and bring the championship home to Duke Ellington."

The game will be held at PS192/325, located at 500 W138th Street. But, Coach Keys doesn't think that it will be a disadvantage to play on a court at another school. "We have played on that court many times! Our team will be ready to compete." We wish the Girls Basketball Team the best of luck!

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