Thursday, December 6, 2012

PS4's Lady Wolves Go Undefeated

Now that the Lady Wolves are 2- 0, it's time to recognize their greatness!  Last year, they won the championship in the Girls' Turn 2 Us League!  Since going undefeated, the Lady Wolves are a combined 20 - 0 since the start of the season.  Their first victory of the season was by a score of 23-11 against PS325.  "We have a really good team this year", says Coach Keys. "We work hard and prepare like we are playing the best. That's how you become the best."

PS4 Lady Wolves with Coach Keys and Dr. Montanez
The latest game was a second victory on home court, beating PS115 by a score of 22-7.  It was an important game for Coach Keys.  "The girls were well prepared and they showed good sportsmanship.  They were great listeners.  I project we'll do well this year!"  Greisly M. (class 502) achieved the team's highest points of the game with 12 points and Johanna D. (class 521) made 8 points.

Congratulations to PS4's Lady Wolves and Coach Keys for thier skills on the court.  Special thanks goes to Dr. Montanez and the Turn-2-Us Foundation for making sure sports programs stay in our school.  To see a post from last year's winning basketball team, click here!

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