Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Wolves Play Their First Game

PS4 Wolves play against PS132 in their first home game.

Despite a big effort from The Wolves, the PS4 Boys Basketball Team lost their first official game of the season on their home court (20 - 16) to their uptown rivals, PS132. The game started off well enough with the boys grabbing early rebounds and playing tough defense.  But, as the game played on, the boys from PS132 made the baskets when they most needed to. Some members of the team had had some good moments! Starting power-forward,  Janel P. (from class 501) made a basket and a free - throw. Saul H. (from class 502) scored two points and starting-center, Carlos E. (from class 421), led the team with 10 points! "The team played well, they just need to work better on offense and play better defense", said Ms. Brooks, the official referee for the game.  PS4's next game will be on November 9th, against downtown school PS192. It will be a challenge but the boys from PS4 will be ready!

For more information about the PS4 Boys Basketball Team, contact Coach Harris!

(Photos taken by student photographer Joel H., from class 520)

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