Sunday, November 18, 2012

Healthy Habit of the Month: Eating Smaller Amounts

The Healthy Schools-Healthy Schools Healthy Habit of the Month is:

Eat Smaller Amounts!

Eating smaller amounts means eating a balanced plate and eating smaller amounts may also mean eating less than what is traditionally served to us in a restaurant or what we buy from a store. Eating smaller amounts is also not about wasting food. Leftovers can make good snacks, a meal for the next day and save you money.  Portion sizes have increased through the years, and people often consume more food than they need when they are given larger portions.  This becomes an important problem when eating out at restaurants, because the portions are often much larger than what an average adult or child needs.

Some good ways to combat the large portions at restaurants are to split a dish with someone else. Order half of the meal to go and just eat half or even order a kids portion if the restaurant allows it.  The decision about portions sizes is also important when deciding whether or not to choose a “value combo” at a restaurant because it is much more food for just a little more cost. However, be aware that unless you are splitting with someone you are probably paying a little extra for food and calories you do not need.

For more information about portion control, click here!

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