Monday, October 1, 2012

New Technology At PS4

Mr. Nycz, conducting a workshop for teachers.

Ms. McLeod using the Promethean Board during a lesson.
Thanks to a grant from Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez, all classroom on the third and fourth floor have been outfitted with Promethean Boards!  A "Promethean board" or "Activboard" is a component of the Promethean Activclassroom which is simply a new way to create an exciting environment that allows students to actively participate in their learning.  

"Even for my really shy students, two-thirds of the class is participating", said third grade teacher Mr. Nycz. His co - teacher describes how excited students get when the Promethean Board is used.  "I see them going back to their seats grinning from ear to ear", said Ms. Bonilla.

For more information about Promethean Boards, click here!  To see a video of a Pre-K class using a Promethian Board, click here!

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