Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Meet Our New Teacher: Ms. Barnosky

Ms. Barnosky, in her classroom.
Ms. Barnosky is a new teacher at PS4!  She is co - teaching with Ms. McLeod in class 502. Ms. Barnosky still lives in the town where she was born and raised; Cornwell, New York. She believes that her job is to help students learn to love to read. "I want every child that I teach to love reading."

This is Ms. Barnosky's first year teaching for New York City's Department of Education, but this is not her first year working with children. "I used to work with Pre-K children at West Point." West Point is a famous Army College that has produced many leaders and Generals in the United States of America, including two presidents! It is located 50 miles north of New York City.  Each year, more than 1,000 cadets graduate!  Click here to find out more information about West Point Military Academy.

Even though she did not get to ride on a tank or on a fighter airplane, she did have other experiences that only young soldiers might have.  Ms. Barnosky knows what it's like to eat in the Army mess hall!  She also used to get free meals at restaurants in the area! Ms. B, as her students call her, earned her Master's Degree at Rutger's University in New Jersey. She hopes that she, along with her co - teacher Ms. McLeod, can bring all of her students to read at or above grade level. "Hopefully we can work to narrow the achievement gap." Welcome to PS4, Ms. B!

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Anonymous said...

Ms.Barnosky best teacher ever!! She teach math very good and im in that picture Sierra!! Welcome to P.S.4