Sunday, November 13, 2011

Grade Three Goes to China

Students from class 323 discussing Chinese Art.
All third grade students recently had the opportunity to visit the China Institute in Manhattan!  The Discovering China Through Art program for children is designed to introduce students to Chinese art and culture through lectures and workshops based on the exhibition’s theme. Each group visit includes a gallery talk, video presentation and a hands-on workshop.  When asked about how students enjoyed the tour, 3rd grade teacher, Ms. Bonilla said, "The visit went very well!  The students enjoyed the tour...especially the workshop".  Each teacher agreed that the best part of the visit was the art project.  "The students really liked the art project and now know a lot about China", said Ms. Arce after the trip.
Students from class 323 at the China Institute.

Special thanks goes out to Yue Ma from the China Institute for coordinating each trip.  For more information about the China Institute, click here and for a fun game played in China, click here.

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