Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four-In-A-Row Competition

For two months, students have been practicing their multiplication facts at home, in class and even during lunch!  Recently, three teams competed in the Four-In-A-Row Competition!  Here are the winning teams:

First Place: Team 401 (Ms. Daniels) - Abigail C., Isis A., Carlos S., Ashley M., and Brianna P.
Second Place: Team 523 (Ms. Anderson) - Byron M., Aleya B., Carolina C., Naa M., and Anthony M.
Third Place: Team 324 (Ms. Schwartz) - Armando R., Nathaniel P., Vanessa P., Elijah C., and Francis D.

1st Place Team from class 401.

2nd Place Team from class 523.

Assistant Principal, Mr. Batiz, leads the competition.
Students in these teams each received a medal.  The first place team received a trophy and certificates.  Congratulations to all participants!  Your hard work did not go unnoticed!

To play your own four-in-a-row multiplication game online, click here!

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Anonymous said...

AND 4TH PLACE ms.wilsons class who really won !!! </3