Thursday, January 20, 2011

Respect For All!

Speaking with the Dean of Discipline, Mr. Cantu (pictured here, with Mr. Harris), The Duke Ellington Express has learned about a program, named Respect For All. This program is dedicated to ensuring that students learn in a safe environment. "It is something that we take very seriously here at P.S. 4," says Mr. Cantu in the Dean's office. "We would like every student to be tolerant and respectful towards each other. The Respect For All program helps us do that." Each month, students are awarded for their academic achievements, but students are also awarded for showing tolerance and respect. Last week, the "Golden Rule Award" was given to ten 5th graders including Alex G. and Michelle H. (pictured above-both from class 521).

P.S.4 will continue to support the Respect For All program by hosting a series of anti-bullying workshops for students. On Wednesday, January 26th, a bully-proofing program called the Power of One (series of skits presented by actors) will review the roles of the Bully, Target, and Bystander. The program teaches students the importance of reporting bullying when they see it.

To see games, videos and information about what you can do to stop bullying, click here.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, immediately contact Mr. Cantu in his office, e-mail him at or call the main office at (212) 928-0739.

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