Thursday, November 5, 2009

From the Principal's Desk

Every issue, our Principal, Ms. Delois White addresses the P.S 4 community...

It brings me great pleasure to say, "Hello" to each of you in the new school year! Our plans are enormous and quite promising as we embrace the need to prepare ourselves to live productively in the 21st century. I'm sure that you have noticed that technology is moving at a rapid pace. Yesterday's T.V. set is today's antique. The telephone, though still a viable communication tool, is fast becoming an instrument for our parents and grandparents. The youth of today communicate through iPods, Wikis, web posts and blogs. Therefore, here at P.S. 4, we've taken on the challenge of teaching all of the skills and knowledge that our children will need to enter the job market and be able to exchange ideas with scholars around the world in an instant.

Our staff began the school year by asking this question; "are we preparing our child for our future or are we preparing them for our past." Clearly, the answer must be that we will embrace the winds of change with the help of our teachers, parents and staff. With our new 21st century grant, we will realize our goals and aspirations for the 2009 - 2010 school year. Let's take the A - Train to success.

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