Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Duke's win a buzzer beater!

If you missed the last basketball game with The Mighty Dukes then you missed a classic! The Mighty Dukes won their second game of the year when they defeated the boys from P.S. 173, 18 -16. With less than two minutes left to go in the game, The Mighty Dukes were in the lead 16 -8. Then the boys from 173 came all the way back and tied the score at 18 - 18 with 6 seconds left on the clock. During the timeout Coach Keys designed the play in the huddle and The Dukes set out to win the game. The Mighty Dukes missed the first shot but then with one second left on the clock, Power Forward John Covington scored the final basket after making an offensive rebound right before the final buzzer went off. The Dukes won the game and the boys carried John Covington around on their shoulders. It was a classic game. The Duke boys hope to use this victory as a stepping stone for future victories and a run at the championship.