Monday, January 23, 2012

If You Really Love Polar Bears...

Did you know that there are more than 7 billion people on Earth?  Wasteful habits that each person may have affects the polar bears habitat.

At a recent stage performance, sponsored by Making Books Sing, first graders were able to meet a puppet named Patchy.  He is a little boy who is obsessed with polar bears!  His daily routine is filled with activities that celebrate his favorte ice bear.  But, at what cost?  While traveling on a magical journey into the past, present and future, Patchy learns firsthand how much of an impact he has on the planet.  He finally learns to unplug appliances when not using them, take short showers to save water and recycle.  By changing his wasteful habits, Patchy realizes how he could save an animal's life.

Actors from Making Books Sing perform at PS4

Patchy learns how his habits affect Polar Bears
1st graders perform with actors on stage

Students were able to watch this interactive story told through music, puppetry and physical comedy!  When asked what he thought about the show, six-year old Javier S. (class 123) said, "It was funny!  I like when the bear said grrrrrr".

To learn more about the Greenhouse Effect and how we affect animal habitats, click here!

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