Thursday, November 2, 2017

3rd Graders Visit Safety City - 2017

Ms. Schwartz class (Class 301) pays close attention to the pedestrian rules at Safety City.
Have you ever been to Safety City?  Third grade students at PS4 have been visiting Safety City, Located at 672 W158th Street, for seven years!  Special thanks to Renso Vidal, NYC DOT - Safety and Outreach for choosing our school to partner with during this annual celebration of safety on International Walk to School Day. 

Safety City uses both traditional classroom education and hands-on practice in an outdoor realistic yet protected street and intersection. At Safety City's Indoor Learning Center, participating students from community schools take part in activities designed to build self-esteem and strengthen their ability to make safer choices. The classroom experience includes informational videos and up-to-date learning materials. Outdoors, students practice their safety skills on a fenced-in street and intersection. The area has realistic pavement markings, traffic and pedestrian signals and street signs. The children practice crossing the street safely in a variety of situations. Access Safety City on West 158th Street in Manhattan also serves older adults and people of all ages with special needs.

Safety City's instructors are specially trained traffic safety experts from DOT's Office of Safety Programs. Police officers, traffic enforcement agents, health care providers and school crossing guards also instruct the children at Safety City, reminding them to use their safety skills. For more information about Safety City, click here.

Renso Vidal, Instructor with NYC DOT Safety and Outreach shows students how to wear a helmet.

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