Friday, March 10, 2017

Parent-Teacher Conferences: March 2017

Families gather in the cafeteria during Parent-Teacher Conferences (afternoon session) to fill out parent surveys.

Parent-Teacher Conferences take place in November and March of each year.   An ideal parent-teacher conference is a conversation between you and your child’s teacher about your child’s progress at school. This may include a child’s transition to a school, how the child gets along with friends and teachers, how the child is learning and what your child is learning, information about things they do well and how parents can help your child grow further, ways to support the child in the areas where he/she needs some help and where parents can find more information to help support their child. 
During PTC's, parents may receive ideas for concrete activities they can do at home or may receive helpful websites, books or pamphlets found at the library or parent workshops being offered in the Washington Heights community.

Prior to meeting with their child's teacher, our staff and partners-in-education were in the cafeteria and gymnasium where they...
  • provided visitors with refreshments in our 'welcome center'
  • gave information about school trips
  • registered families for Smile NY Dental
  • provided information about immigration counseling
  • provided technical assistance with the Parent Surveys and PupilPath
  • provided families with a 3-day supply of food from our pantry
  • registered additional scholars for our after school program(s); and 
  • reminded families of upcoming state exams
Thank you to all families who joined us for either our afternoon or evening conference session.  If you missed any of the information provided to visitors at the conference, click here, contact your child's teacher or call the main office.  Take a look at the video below to see some highlights of this past parent-teacher conference.

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