Friday, November 18, 2016

2nd Graders Visit The Farm!

2nd grader from Ms. Salce's class rides a pony at the farm.

Students in 2nd grade recently went to Green Meadows Farm in Floral Park, NY!  Once they arrived, they went on a pony ride and then they got a chance to see a mother cow and milk her!   Students had an opportunity to go on tractor trailer ride around the park. They saw different animals, such as the pigs, sheep's, rabbits, turkeys and lamas. They even got a chance to feed the animals!

Along with all the great activities, Green Meadows Farm gave students information about animals, such as how many babies a rabbit can have and how only the male turkey gobbles.   Students also learned how animals help humans!  Did you know that insulin comes from pigs?  Did you know that the skin of a pig can be used on someone who has been several burned?  Did you know that the aorta of the pig can be transplanted to replace the human heart?  Our students learned a lot on their trip to the farm.

Special thanks to Ms. Fatim (School Aid) for providing us with details of the trip and all the great photos!  For more information about Green Meadows Farm, click here and click play the photo collage, below!

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