Thursday, October 6, 2016

New Goals, New Habits and New Results

Parents attend a workshop held in the PS4 library.

Parent Workshops have begun!  With help from Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian and School-Based Mental Health Program, PS4 parents were invited to attend a recent workshop led by Licensed Social Worker, Melissa Bitalvo.   Ms. Bitalvo discussed comprehensive health services provided to all children, adolescents and families in participating schools.  She also encouraged parents to take advantage of the myriad of services that we provide in an effort to have a successful school year.

The overall mission of the School Mental Health (SMH) program is to promote healthy social, emotional, and behavioral development of students. Barriers to learning must be addressed so that the general well-being of students, families and school staff can be enhanced in collaboration with other comprehensive student support and services.  The School Mental Health programs support the emotional health and academic growth of all students through:
  • A comprehensive array of effective and efficient services and supports which is integrated throughout the levels of student supports;
  • Incorporates a three-tiered approach when assessing school mental health needs through Universal, Selective, and Targeted interventions 
  • Accessibility to behavioral and mental health services and programs; 
  • Utilization of primarily DOE personnel to provide necessary supports and services; and 
  • Collaborative relationships that engage school, family and community. 
For more information about services provided, click here or call the Intake Office at 212-305-0924.  If you'd like information on upcoming parent workshops, contact Denise Nunez (Parent Coordinator) in the main office at 212-928-0739.

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