Friday, April 8, 2016

Learning Doesn't Stop While Students Are Testing

Students that did not take the ELA or Math Tests, spent time in the auditorium reading, singing and watching a movie.

Ms. Steinman (Speech Therapist) reads a book to students.

Elementary and Middle School students in New York State take yearly tests to assess their mastery in Common Core Learning Standards.  But, some students do not take the English Language Arts or Math Exams.  During these state exams those students who have been named as non-testable, who's parents have opted them out, or who arrive too late to start the test with their class are sent to the auditorium.

This year, Mr. Means and a team of student-teachers and support staff were able to plan educational activities for a time when only movies may been played in the past.  Last week's schedule went roughly as follows:
  • morning announcements
  • 30-minutes of music and singing
  • 30-minutes of silent reading
  • ONE movie shown in English with Spanish subtitles
  • the lights on the right side of auditorium are left on for students who want to read or do work
Student-Teacher, Mr. Beller, works with non-testable students in the auditorium.

Ms. Williams, Occupational Therapists, reads to non-testable students.
Teachers and staff in the auditorium were very active educators.  From small reading groups to help with picking which film will be most appropriate for our whole audience (which includes students in special education as well as English Language Learners), everyone was focused on creating  learning environment for students that were not testing.

Special thanks to Mr. Means, our Music Teacher, and his team of student-teachers and support staff for making sure our scholars continue learning.  Thanks to Mr. Beller (student-teacher), Ms. Steinman (Speech Pathologist), Ms. Williams (Occupational Therapist), and Ms. Collado (Speech Pathologist).

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