Monday, December 7, 2015

This Week In Social Studies with Mr. Harris

Mr. Harris teaching a Social Studies lesson.
This week in Social Studies, 2nd grade students will finish their unit on communities.  For the last two months, our young scholars have been drawing pictures, listing characteristics and reading about how urban, suburban and rural communities are unique and how they are similar.  Even though many students may not have been aware of the names of some of the communities they have been learning about, they are all well aware of some of their unique characteristics!  Some students that were not familiar with the term "rural" were still able to identify the type of community because they knew about farms, farmers and farm animals!

For their culminating project, 2nd grade students cut and paste pictures that show each type of community.  Students will match those pictures with information about their unique characteristics. with them as well. Using notes, scissors and glue sticks makes showing what you've learned fun!

To use an interactive map of different types of communities, click here!  To see a FREE BrainPop video on Community Helpers, click here!

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