Tuesday, November 3, 2015

PS4 Teachers Take A Trip

The winning teacher-team of a scavenger hunt at Grand Central Station.
Team Building was the focus of the day, as PS4 teachers and staff spent Election Day on a scavenger hunt at Grand Central Station! 

With Watson Adventures, you’re not hunting for objects, but for answers to tricky and humorous questions about the intriguing places and objects you discover. Our scavenger hunt lasted two hours!
The best teams quickly learned that they must use the strengths of everyone in the group. This scavenger hunt was a great way for teachers to learn about their colleagues and build relationships that will only make for an even better learning environment at PS4.

Click here to find out more about Watson adventures and take a look at some of the photos below from the fun experience! PS4 teachers and staff, if you are looking for specific photo, send an email request to Ms. Lennon!

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