Monday, November 16, 2015

Meet Our New Teachers: Ms. Nuez

Ms. Nuez teaching her 4th graders.
Meet our newest teacher, Ms. Nuez!  She grew up in New York City! "I grew up in this neighborhood just like my students." Besides growing up in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan, Ms. Nuez has also lived and studied in many places before settling in Washington Heights to teach at PS4.  "I attended Tufts and Georgia State where I studied Urban and Educational Policy." Currently, Ms. Nuez is a New York Teaching Fellow earning her Master's Degree in Education.

While teaching class 421, Ms. Nuez is hoping that she can be a role model for her students. "I want them to see me and realize that they can make a good life for themselves." When she was a younger student, she did a little bit of everything!  She was a writer for her school newspaper.  She was part of the Debate Club and she has even performed on stage as a member of her school's Drama Club!  With all of these experiences, Ms. Nuez is hoping her past can serve as a guide to her students.  She hopes her students feel comfortable trying and learning new things, like speaking and writing in English.   She wants them to gain confidence in their own abilities. She hopes that one day her scholars will all go to college and become part of the graduating class of 2024.

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