Friday, October 2, 2015

The Girl's Basketball Team Begins

2015 Girls Basketball Team

It's basketball season again!  When the school year starts, students at PS4 know that they can count on teachers giving them rules, asking their parents for school supplies and of course basketball tryouts.
This year the girls basketball team will be coached by Coach M!  Instead of coaching both the boys and girls teams like last season, she will only be coaching the girls team.   According to Coach M., the girls team looks even better this year!  "The girls came back from the summer and they returned with more height, more ability and more skill than when they left last June", she said.

After a very competitive process during the basketball tryouts, Coach M. was able to choose a good squad she believes will be ready to handle the challenges facing them coming from the other teams in the league. "There are some returning 5th graders coming back from last year and I am hoping they will be able to lead our 4th graders and the whole team to some victories."

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