Monday, October 19, 2015

PS4 Goes on a Google Expedition

Google Expeditions is a Google-led program that allows students to have 360-degree views of places around the world, under the sea, and even up in space!  Mr. Nycz, a 5th grade teacher, applied for our school to be a part of the Expeditions Pioneer Program last April.   Recently, representatives from Google sent three instructors with small computer tablets with virtural reality technology installed.  As the students looked at their mini-tablets through cardboard frames, they were able to see views of places that they have never been before.  "I wanted students all across PS4 to have more of a first-hand view of the places we talk about as teachers throughout the year, either through our reading books, textbooks, or even in everyday conversation", he said.  Mr. Nycz is confident that the technology through Google allows for our students to have those experiences.

Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade (as well as Ms. Hodge's class [201]) enjoyed this incredible experience!  Every student was able to not only talk about what they saw, but also vividly describe the details of the expeditions they saw, whether they went to the moon, under the sea, seeing 5 Pointz before it was torn down (with Ms. Nuez's class), or witness the Mayan ruins (with Ms. D. Cabral's class).  Mr. Nycz describes the excitement as electric and with the help of Mr. Stevens in the future, we hope we can bring Google Expeditions as a viable piece of technology the teachers can use with their students as they see fit.

Special thanks to Mr. Nycz and the Google Expedition Team for bringing this innovative technology to PS4. For more information on this program, click here!

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