Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Final Year at PS4

Coaches McArdle and Coach Nycz with the PS4 Baseball Team at the Turn 2 Us Awards Ceremony.
The Turn 2 Us Organization, funded by Derek Jeter, has funded many programs since it began its tenure 10 years ago at PS4.  This is the final year of the program and they recently celebrated all of thier accomplishments for the 2014-2015 school year.  At their final awards ceremony that took place at Jacob Schiff Field, the Turn 2 Us sports teams were recognized.  The ceremony was attended by coaches Brent Nycz and Kelly McArdle, along with the boys and girls of their baseball team. 

Although the new PS4 Wellness Committee has not officially booked any events for the coming school year, that will happen in their next meeting, the committee will aim to continue the work of the Turn 2 Us program in the areas of wellness initiatives for families and staff, sports teams and mentorship, school assemblies, and mind-body exercises for in-class, cafeteria and recess. 

PS4 Wellness Committee for 2014-2015 school year.
The mentorship program runs in conjunction with the Turn 2 Us sports teams, drama, and art clubs. This program allows students to spend lunch time once each week learning problem solving skills, stress management, and other healthy lifestyle practices. 

Students 4th and 5th grade Turn 2 us programs.
Dr. Montanez had the priveledge of handing out scholarships to the YMCA Camp Hi Rock's Sleep-away Camp.  These scholarship recipients were chosen for their excellence in class and in program or for overcoming personal obstacles. The six students will attend sleep-away camp at YMCA Camp Hi Rock in Mt. Washington, Massachusetts for two weeks this summer, from August 9 to 22.  More information and pictures are available at
Honorees of the Hi Rock Sleep Away Camp Scholarship.
Special thanks to Dr. Montanez and her dedicated team for supporting the boys and girls of PS4 since 2004.  We appreciate her dedication to educating the whole child and we wish her all the best.  Click here to read highlights from programs that Turn 2 us has had at our school over the years.

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