Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Two 5th Grade Girls Donate to PS4

Veia G. (top) and Stacey E. are creative 5th graders who are helping PS4 raise money.

The PS4 School Store, run by members of the Honor Society and managed by Ms. Lennon (librarian), is not just a rolling cart where students get to purchase school supplies.  The School Store is a fundraising initiative that allows students to understand the concept of money, learn elements of customer service and experience running a small business.  Each year, student leaders are encouraged to support their school by creating a product to sell at the PS4 School Store.

This year, Stacey E. and Veia G. (5th graders from Ms. Wilson's class) are donating their creativity to help PS4 raise money for school assemblies and programs.  They are decorating pens with Duck tape!  Proceeds of the sale of every pen will support PS4.  "I wanted to sell these pens to help my parents with money for my college education.  But, the school needs money", said Stacey who wants to be a doctor and give these pens to hospitalized children.  Veia wants to be a designer of shoes and dresses.  She used Duck Tape to create her own tablet bag!  "YouTube has videos on how to make everything", she exclaims.

Duck Tape Pens are wrapped in decorative duck tape and will be sold for $2 in the cafeteria from 11:30-12:30pm.  For directions on how to make your own Duck Tape Pen, click here!  

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