Friday, February 6, 2015

Photo of the week: February 2-6, 2015

Inspired by a book, Ms. Baez-Torres takes her students to visit Ms. White's office.

Have you ever been to the principal's office?  Students in Ms. Baez-Torres 1st grade class wanted to know what it looked like after reading A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech!  The photo of the week was taken in Ms. White's office!

The book is about a principal, Mr. Keene who called all the students and teachers together and said, "This is a fine, fine school! From now on, let's have school on Saturdays too."  School all weekend. School on the holidays. School in the SUMMER! What was next ...SCHOOL AT NIGHT? So it was up to Tillie to show her well-intentioned principal, Mr. Keene, that even though his fine, fine school is a wonderful place, it's not fine, fine to be there all the time.  Tillie visits Mr. Keene's office to talk to him.  Students in class 121 had never been to a principal's office before.  So, Ms. Baez-Torres took them on a trip to visit Ms. White's office where she gladly gave them the tour.

To read more about Sharon Creech, the author of A Fine, Fine School, click here

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