Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guitar Program - 2015

Instructor Ayodele Maakheru works with students in the PS4 Guitar Program.
 "We're once again off to a successful start", said Mr. Cantu.  For the sixth year in a row, Midori & Friends has funded our guitar program.  This year, twenty-five students receive guitar lessons from a vivacious instructor named Ayodele Maakheru.  Mr. Maakheru is a musician, composer, performer and teacher.  Not only does he have more than thirty years of experience playing in Broadway orchestras and touring bands, he has recorded two CD's of original music!  Click here to read more about this talented musician!

Students in the guitar program have already learned how to play "Happy Birthday To You" and will be learning how to play "Amazing Grace" in the next few weeks.  They are not just learning how to play musical notes, but are learning how to play chords!  "This year, we have many students who are English Language Learners and we even have two third graders", said Mr. Cantu, Guitar Program Coordinator and ESL Teacher.  "We've also added journals to our lessons so students can write about what they've learned".  The Guitar Program meets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Congratulations to the girls and boys of the PS4 Guitar Program!  We look forward to seeing your first performance in March!

3rd grade musicians Britney M. and Amadou F.

5th Grade musicians

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