Saturday, June 21, 2014

Talent & Fashion Show - 2014

On Friday, June 20th, the talented students of PS4 celebrated the 8th annual Talent & Fashion Show!  "This is a special year", announced host Mr. Harris at the start of the show.  "This year we have comedy, magic, martial arts and dub stepping!  These are acts that you've never seen on our stage!".  With a special ballet performance and fashion show from Elizabeth's Modeling Talent Studio, this show was the best show ever!

Principal White-Jones would like to thank:
  • all student performers
  • Assistant Principals Ms. Martin, Mr. Batiz, and Ms. Rivers
  • Elizabeth Rosario, Keila Morales and the models from Elizabeth's Modeling Talent Studio
  • Talent Show Director, Ms. Lennon
  • Talent Show Host, Mr. Harris
  • Sound Engineer, Mr. Means
  • Pianist, Mr. Theodore
  • Backstage Manager, Ms. McLeod
  • Auditorium Manager, Mr. Nycz
  • Refreshments, Morena and Denise Nunez
Special thanks to all the Talent Show Coaches, parents, teachers and PS4 staff that made this a successful event!  For more information about Elizabeth's Modeling Talent Studio, click here!  Check out the slideshow below, to see photos and videos of Talent & Fashion Show 2014!

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Yari said...

Man, I remember this school. So much memories did I make there.I remember when I was included in this blog, though my name was constantly spelled wrong. XD Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Hi it is Gianne Feliu class of 2012-2014 I miss my school love you guys coming on Halloween to visit see you soon