Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chinese Dance Residency

Students in Ms. Santana's class (321) and Ms. Marino & Ms. Barnosky's class (302) were taught a form of Chinese dance that broadened their dance literacy and allowed them to develop an understanding of the historical and cultural connection in dance.  For five weeks, students learned Chinese folk dance languages, techniques and incorporated martial arts. Throughout the residency, taught by Ling Tang from the NY Chinese Cultural Center, students improved their self-control, refined their gross motor and listening skills.  "My students really loved this program", said Ms. Santana.  "The are so focused on each movement and learned a lot about traditional Chinese culture".

Special thanks to Makalina Gallagher, LOTUS Music & Dance Arts in Education Coordinator, and Janie Wong, Operations Manager at the New York Chinese Cultural Center, for bringing this great program to the students of PS4!  See the photo collage below to see highlights of each class and videos from the final performance!

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