Thursday, December 5, 2013

Vision Screening At PS4

Vision Screening took place in the PS4 library for Kindergarteners and 1st graders.
This week, more than 200 students were given an "eye test"! Symbols or letters were shown to each child, and he or she was asked to identify them or show which way they point. "I can see the letters", said Miguel from Ms. Sanchez's first grade class. Although Miguel will probably not need glasses, young children do not know when they have vision problems. They think that what they see is what everyone else sees. Parents can sometimes see clues of possible vision problems. For example, does your child:
  • sit very close to the TV? 
  • Does he or she get headaches or tired eyes? 
  • Do they tilt their head or squint to see? 
  • Do they avoid activities for no explained reason? 
  • Do they rub their eyes often? Do they dislike bright light? 
After more fifteen years with the Department of Health & Hygiene, Catherine Fiammetta, Senior Public Health Adviser, says that PS4 students did pretty well! "I've noticed that certain areas generally have worse vision - not sure what the reason is. But, there aren't many abnormalities at PS4". If parents notice any of these signs, the best thing to do is to take their child to an eye doctor. Children who wear eyeglasses should see their doctors at least once a year. Parents must encourage their children to wear their glasses. A child's vision can be improved greatly if the child wears glasses as directed by the eye doctor. For more information about the Vision Program and vision problems in children, call 311.

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