Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Classroom Champions


Last June, Mr. Nycz was accepted to become a part of Classroom Champions! Classroom Champions is a program that brings Olympians and Paralympians (Athlete Mentors) into the classroom using videos and live chats. Each athlete mentor adopts 1-4 classrooms per year. Focusing on their own personal journey, athletes teach young students about the hard work of training, goal setting, competition and perseverance. Using video lessons and live video chats, students are engaged with their athlete mentor several times per month. Mr. Nycz was one of only 17 teachers selected from hundreds of applicants all over the United States for this school year!  Congratulations, Mr. Nycz!

Co-teachers Mr. Nycz and Ms. McLeod
Along with hia co-teacher Ms. McLeod, Mr. Nycz's 5th grade class will be paired up with an athlete mentor throughout the school year! Class 502's athlete mentors are Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Meryl and Charlie are two highly-accomplished American ice dancers who have their eyes on the prize as they prepare for the Winter Olympics next year. They won the silver medal in ice dancing at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games. If you don't know what ice dancing looks like, click here to see a video of Meryl and Charlie performing at Rockefeller Center!
During the school year, blog editors will be featuring articles that update class 502 as they participate in this exciting program.  For more information about Classroom Champions, click here

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Sierra Colomer said...

Wow its been a while I seen my teacher Ms.McLeod I miss my old class and teachers!