Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wolves Lose First Game of Season 14 -13

The first game of the year did not end well for the PS4 Wolves.  Despite scoring 13 runs, the Wolves lost their first game of the season; 14 -13 to PS192. "It basically came down to who was going to bat last", said the coach of PS192, Coach Jason.  Since we were the home team, we got to bat last and that made the difference. The Wolves played well, considering this was the first time they played on an actual field.

Big hits were made by most of the boys in the starting lineup. Carlos E. and Elvis H. both hit the ball into the outfield and hit two home runs. Defensive errors hurt the Wolves as they were unable to make key plays on the field when it counted.  Once the players are able to make better plays on the field and better decisions on the bases, the Wolves will be a hard team to beat.

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michael said...

wowso close to winning