Monday, April 1, 2013

Play Ball!

The PS4 baseball season has started and the team can't wait to take the field!. Once again, the team will try deliver a Turn-2 Us baseball championship to Ms.White (our principal) and the boys and girls at PS4.  One change to look out for is the school's uniform! For the past three seasons, The Wolves have been wearing grey pants and a matching green uniform shirt. This year, the team will be wearing uniforms that match their school's uniform colors; grey pants and a burgundy uniform shirt. "The team has showed a lot of promise in practice", said Coach Harris.  "If practice is any indication of what they will do on the field, The Wolves will have a very eventful season."  Their first game is Friday, April 5th at Schiff Field (Amsterdam Ave. between W136th and W138th Street) against PS192.

Members of the  2012-2013 PS4 Baseball Team are...
Coach Harris and baseball team members during a recent practice in the gym.

Derek G. (401)
Jeryan R. (401)
Alex M. (402)
Anderson T. (402)
Ayendi V. (421)
Carlos E. (421)
Edward G. (421)
Jhan S. (421)
Wesley M. (421)
Brianna P. (501)
Jaime P. (501)
Camil D. (502)
Danny W. (502)
Michael G. (502)
Janser M. (520)
Zenny R. (520)
Elvis H. (520)

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