Thursday, February 21, 2013

PS4 Wolves Go To Columbia University

Making their second trip to Columbia University, the boys of PS4's basketball team joined teams from PS192 and PS325 to watch the Columbia University Men's Basketball team practice! All three teams got to see how a division one basketball practice is run. Organized by Turn2Us Athletic Director Dr. Evelyn Montanez, the boys were impressed to be on a college campus that was once a home and school to the current President of The United States, Barack Obama. "I loved the practice because I got to see the guys dunk the basketball.  Something that we can't do...yet", said one player from PS192.  Dr. Montanez explained the reason for taking the basketball teams on this trip; "The reason why we take this trip each year is because we want the boys too see a practice from the only Division 1 basketball school in Manhattan and we want them to see that they can be a scholar and an athlete. It's important that they see that this can be done."

Turn-2 Us Basketball Teams with members of the Columbia Men's Basketball Team.
Special thanks to the Columbia University Men's Division 1 Basketball Team for taking the time out to talk to our boys and allow us to watch them practice.  For more information about the Columbia Lions, click here!

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