Friday, January 4, 2013

It's Penny Harvest Time

Student Government members discussing causes to support.
The Common Cents Penny Harvest grew from one child’s desire to feed the homeless, and since 1991, children between the ages of four and fourteen have been converting their natural compassion for others into action by collecting pennies and turning those pennies into grants for community organizations.  Since 1991, The Common Cents Organization has collected $8.1 million in pennies donated by children!  Last year, with some additional donations from Harlem Girl Scout Troop #3027,  the boys and girls of PS4 donated more than $450 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!  Students decided to fund cancer research after hearing personal experiences of students living with family members who have suffered from the disease.

This year, PS4's Student Government Organization will again decide which cause to support.  After adding cancer to the "Wheel of Caring" (shows causes that students are passionate about supporting) and talking about his experience with seeing his mother deal with cancer, Michael G. (President of class 520) plans to persuade members to support the cause.  "It feels good to persuade others to support cancer research", says Michael.  "My class has already given some pennies". 

Students are asked to bring in pennies until collection day on Monday, January 14.  For more information about the program, speak to Micheal G. or click here!

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