Friday, January 25, 2013

Garden of Kindness

In preparation for Respect for All Week (February 11-15), a group of students in 4th grade have been working with our school's Dean to discuss the importance of living in a kind society, the importance of not calling people names and the destructive ways of bullying and insults.   

During one particular lesson with Mr. Cantu, students gave examples of acts of kindness they have done for someone else.  At the end of the lesson, they wrote these acts of kindness within flowers they drew and colored to make a Garden of Kindness.  "These types of lessons pay homage to the wonderful example that Dr. Martin Luther King left us", said Mr. Cantu.  "He spoke of not only equality, but of the greater lesson of humanity; to respect all individuals and do so with the utmost kindness".

Photos taken by Joel H. (520)

For more information about Respect for All Week, click here!

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